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I've spent countless hours (see: days) over the last few weeks taring apart my webpage. I started by altering the original format, changing verbiage, uploading some fresh images, adding a subsection or two, but I was working in circles. Each time I changed one thing, I had to change something else to make it work. I was reluctant at first, I am attached to my page, it's the digital - me. I worked hard, poured my heart into it so many years ago. . . but suddenly mid-alteration I realized that much like my real life, my page needed an OVERHAUL.

2018, the year of all things new, it happens to coincide as the year I reach "dirty 30" but I promise, that has nothing to do with it. No new years resolution was made, no one-third-life-crisis is being had. I haven't fallen into a nervous breakdown (although sometimes I come damn close). No, in retrospect all the stars have slowly been aligning for this to happen - I hate to give it all up the mercury retrogrades and full moons though, I mustn't discredit all the hard freaking work i have put into my entire life, especially the preceding 4 years of finding my spirituality, my family, myself. The last 3 years of digging deep into my soul. The prior 365 days that truly carved away the marble of my being. The past 6 months of finally taking hold, putting my fears aside, trying all the things that scare me, and truly digging in. I hate to be cliche but there is no better way to say it, up until this moment in my life it's all been one big dress rehearsal.

For now, the old page is kicking around, it still serves me, but come June the curtains will open, and I will be ready to shine.

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